East West Innovative Solutions (EWIS) Asia: Go To Partner for APAC Market Penetration

East West Innovative Solutions (EWIS) Asia provides strategic consulting, business development, and sales services to technology organizations who want to bring their innovative solutions for IoT, smart city, data analytics, and telecom to Asia Pacific markets. By partnering with EWIS, clients overcome the challenges associated with entering new markets which include the cost overheads, local laws, user demands, and finding suppliers. Whether the clients need to generate new business leads or close deals, they can engage with EWIS in a “plug and play” fashion to suit their needs without the hassle of hiring new resources. As a partner, a client gets access to the company’s team of technology veterans with over 70 years of combined experience in international business development, direct sales, channel management, and consulting. Besides, EWIS is headed by Patrick Veron, the founder and MD, who has more than two decades of experience in developing business for clients both within and across cultural boundaries. “Based in Singapore, we help our clients to maximize growth in Asian markets that are difficult to tap into without local knowledge and networks,” remarks Veron.

EWIS has in-depth knowledge of multiple IoT verticals and geographical regions and associated IoT challenges including but not limited to interoperability, privacy, security, public awareness, and demand.

The company analyzes and translates emerging shifts in IoT technology to formulate and sharpen the clients’ IoT business development strategy, quantify their use cases, and help them launch innovative IoT solutions. A testament to the company’s proven record of accomplishment is their success in executing projects related to smart energy in Japan, smart health in Taiwan, smart agriculture in Korea, and smart logistics in Singapore.

EWIS has a structured customer onboarding procedure in place to handle each prospective client. The company assesses the effectiveness of the client’s current capabilities and based on it, devises a plan for the areas that need attention. They pen down every detail including the client’s objective and expectation. After signing the contract, EWIS completes the initial documentation and defines the project timeline to build the strategies that best meet the clients’ needs.

Together with their network of partners in APAC, EWIS accompanies their clients at every step of the journey, from the most sophisticated strategic thinking to the most detailed tactical moves. Speaking of one such instance, Veron sheds light on a European smart transportation solutions provider keen on expanding its footprint in the Asian countries. The client was in need to engage customers and have the ability to close their deals with remote support from their headquarters, at the same time manage the project and coordinate deliveries with customers. To overcome the hurdle of establishing a reliable partnership locally, the client engaged EWIS to be its face in the region and provide network access to its partners. EWIS positioned the client’s value proposition to their potential customers in the region and was able to succeed in gaining business on behalf of the client. They helped the client to generate revenue streams by securing contracts with reference customers. Continuing the success, EWIS is now working to develop business for more products and services offered by the client, in both ASEAN and selected Asian countries.

As IoT devices generate vast amounts of data, AI becomes necessary to deal with these huge data volumes. In view of this, the company aims to integrate IoT and AI; they are working with AI pundits to combine IoT with rapidly advancing AI technologies. Veron concludes by saying, “EWIS provides the connective tissue that binds together our clients’ operational needs with technological innovations. Our focus on delivering a sustainable strategy allows them to improve their bottom line.”

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Busy month at EWIS

June has been a busy month at EWIS with important transitions and interesting collaborations discussed during the shows that the EWIS team has attended at Computex in Taiwan (link) and Communic / Broadcast Asia in Singapore. Thanks to all our customers and partners for making the shows even more insightful.